The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

Each week I find myself writing about how much I hate performance-driven music videos but present you with an exception. I think it’s time to admit defeat and realise that there is actually a large population of artists and music video directors who can get creative and pull them off. Although I feel a little foolish for having this initial hatred for them I am also thrilled to see a number of videos surprising me each week as well as what feels like a sudden influx of them. It’s great to see that all hope hasn’t been lost just yet. I can’t believe I even included a video which features both Jessie J and Nicki Minaj (I have nothing against Ariana Grande, yet). There’s just something really empowering about watching an all female ensemble come together and celebrate different kinds of femininity and female sexuality simultaneously. The three of them each have a look to their persona which can be found in everything they produce or feature in. As Kat George states “[This] is a really Spice Girls thing to do” and I completely agree. This video is quite nostalgic in this sense as 90’s fashion is the current trend. With Beyoncé reigning as Pop Queen it is truly great seeing other women almost on par. This is an inoffensive and fun pop song I can get behind. It’s also a breath of fresh air to see Nicki Minaj just performing because she is more than her infamous behind.

As well as being performance-video driven, this week’s 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week is also female driven. Two of my favourite ladies, Zola Jesus and Grimes, have released equally stunning videos this week. What I love about Grimes’ latest is the fact that it is quite different from what she usually produces (the song was originally written for Rihanna) but at the same time it is very Grimes-esque. Next to the fantastic video for “Genesis” featuring another important woman in the industry, Brooke Candy, “Go” is my favourite. Grimes’ videos also feature an overwhelming pile up of different images and “Go” isn’t any different. The bottom line is we need more of this pop weirdness because it really is amazing. Zola Jesus is equally as weird and wonderful but “Dangerous Days” isn’t. Instead the video focuses on bringing us back to nature. Beautifully shot, the video merely features the stunning Zola with equally gorgeous shots of Mother Earth.

Despite being female-driven this week, the latest from Broken Bells is just as cool! Fitting in with unusual performance-driven videos “Control” adds in footage of crop circles and other eerie UFO encounters so it’s right at home. Lastly I have included Babes video for “ATMO” which stands for “Always Turning Me On” because even though it is not performance-driven (by the band anyway) it is funny without being ridiculous and it’s a Friday.


5. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj “Bang Bang”
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis

4. Broken Bells “Control”

3. Zola Jesus “Dangerous Days”
Directed by Tim Saccenti

2. Babes “ATMO (Always Turning Me On)”
Directed by Drew Kordik

1. Grimes Feat. Blood Diamonds “Go”
Directed by Grimes and Mac Boucher

– Catstello

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