The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

Excuse my absence, I will be devising a super post soon of all the great music videos I have missed lately. But for now, I present you with another instalment of this week’s top 5. The majority I have picked this week are not particularly cheery and can be a little uncomfortable to watch. Ariel Pink’s latest efforts are fuelled by a creepy attempt to pick up women, Elliphant and Mø share a tense night out, Wannabe Jalva’s video explores three different characters who continue to unknowingly cross paths and Lower’s “Daft Persuasion” consists of merely intense imagery throughout. The reason I have picked these slightly unpleasant videos is simple. They are all different. They’re all a complete breath of fresh air as there is no emphasis on creating a pretty video. The main focus is to make a gritty and engaging video that matches the feel of the track and they all do it excellently. The only “comfortable” video in this list this week is GABI’s “Koo Koo” which follows a one-actor-multiple-roles trick made popular recently by Orphan Black.


5. Lower “Daft Persuasion”

4. Elliphant Feat. Mø “One More”

3. Ariel Pink “Put Your Number In My Phone”
Directed by Grant Singer

2. GABI “Koo Koo”
Directed by BANGS

1. Wannabe Jalva “Miracle”
Directed by Antonio Torriani

– Catstello

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