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The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) The Purist feat. Danny Brown “Jealousy”

Recruiting American rapper Danny Brown was a great decision made by British producer The Purist when creating his psychedelic, Biggie-sampling, rap track “Jealousy”. The very idea sounds like it shouldn’t work but it actually really does, and this week they unleashed a cool, glitchy video to go with it. As Danny spits in his usual ferocious way, a number of brazen, retro graphics glide by. The oddly cool visuals are provided by VHS-loving videomakers Globodigital Video. The video is complete with lyrics on the screen so you can sing along with Danny in this refreshing take on a music video.


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4) Fort Romeau “SW9”

A music video in its truest form is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes. As much as I love the videos with lavish budgets that are reminiscent of blockbusters, sometimes there are other ways of getting creative when putting together a music video. Much like the video above, the same applies for the latest video from British producer Fort Romeau. Consisting of smokey landscape shots this deep house track can be seen as an ode to South West London.


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3) Wavves “Demon to Lean On”
Directed by BLACK // DOCTOR

Following the unofficial video (which can be seen here) of the second single off their upcoming album, Afraid of Heights, Wavves have teamed up with BLACK // DOCTOR to deliver visuals accompanying a more polished sound. The narrative consists of a young boy who wakes up in a junkyard and is soon exposed to a warlike society that exists there. With a more grown-up sound, Wavves have been simultaneously been releasing better videos and this is by far one of their best. The boys also make a cameo.


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2) Earl Sweatshirt “Whoa”
Directed by Wolf Haley

Under one of his various alter egos Tyler, The Creator directs this new video for fellow Odd Future mate Earl Sweatshirt, he also provides vocals. In his previous video “Chum“, Earl was reflective but this week he is back to clowning around. The video consists of him waking up in a trailer with a much older women who is dressed in a tutu. “Whoa” is ripe with all the weird and unsettling vibes than an Odd Future video consists of and group mascot Lucas Vercetti gets some screen time too.  Both “Chum” and “Whoa” will feature on Earl’s upcoming album Doris.


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1) Foals “Late Night”
Directed by Nabil Elderkin

The number one spot this week without a doubt had to go to Oxford indie band Foals for their chilling number “Late Night”.  Off their latest album Holy Fire, the vocals are strong and haunting and the visuals that accompany them are even more terrifying. The video takes place in a hotel and captures a doomful life cycle, as the band perform in a cabaret lounge the hotel guests experience birth, death and everything in between in this bleak, visually stunning video. As the song progresses the visuals become more intense and eventually we reach a depressing climax.