The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) Houses “Beginnings”

The latest video from Houses is equally melancholic as “The Beauty Surrounds”, but is also a nice contrast. In the previous video the audience can watch frontman Dexter Tortoriello build a tent in the desert and long for absent Megan Messina. Both visually marvelous, “Beginnings” – the first track off their forthcoming album A Quiet Darkness out 16th April – is a stunning slow-motion video that shows Messina smiling into the camera as she leans her head out of a car window. Admittedly not an awful lot is happening but it somehow works really well with the track.

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4) KATE BOY “In Your Eyes”
Directed by KATE BOY

The video for KATE BOY’s “In Your Eyes” is one of the few performance-driven videos that are done really well. Reminiscent of  The Last Shadows Puppet’s video for “Standing Next To Me”, it’s amazing what can be done with just studio space and lighting and it’s also interesting how more often than not these videos can be visually more entertaining.  The studio is immaculately put together and the use of flashing fluorescent bulbs work really nicely. As vocalist Kate Akhurst performs in a white raincoat, the rest of the band beat their drum kits like a greyscale Blue Man Group. This video is a triumph or ode to the art of planning and design.

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3) The Knife “A Tooth For An Eye”
Directed by Roxy Farhat and Kakan Hermansson

Another exceptional video from Swedish electronic music duo The Knife has been released this week. “A Tooth For An Eye” consists of a group of macho but lithe guys in a dance class. The band them self state the video explores and deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership. This is all adamant when a cornrowed girl comes in and allows the men to let go of their hierarchies and machismo and they follow her dance moves. She is powerful, sassy and cute all at the same time and the video works as a fun and loopy piece that screams The Knife.

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2) Biffy Clyro “Biblical”

Biffy’s frontman Simon Neil gets a phone call that sets off a violent series of events in the video for “Biblical” but when the second verse comes around, his day starts again with the same phone call. Reminiscent of Groundhog Day this is a cool and simple concept that allows lots of leeway for great cinematography and it sure does deliver. Featuring a large amount of well executed tracking shots that follow Neil, “Biblical” is a fantastic follow up single and video from “Black Chandelier” both off the Biff’s latest, Opposites.

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1) Beach House “Wishes”
Directed by Eric Wareheim

Following the breathtaking short “Forever Still“, Beach House have released a completely different video for “Wishes” – which is also off their latest album Bloom – and it is brilliant. The bizarre and extravagant concept is provided by Eric Warehiem, one half of comedy duo Tim & Eric. The video stars Ray Wise (Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks or the Devil from Reaper) and consists of him singing the song like it’s the national anthem at what can only be described as some form of futuristic exhibition in a sports stadium. The video features everything from cheerleading, fireworks, to Wise riding a horse. It’s an excellent performance from Ray Wise; the whole concept is ridiculous but his poise and demeanour makes the performance strangely moving. “Wishes” is great fun for Beach House fans because it’s a completely unexpected direction to say the least and it’s done superbly.


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