The Carrie Diaries Ep 1.12 “A First Time for Everything” and Everyone.

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The Carrie Diaries, Season 1, Episode 12: “A First Time for Everything”
Written by Henry Alonso Myers
Directed by Patrick Norris
Airs Monday at 8pm (ET) on the CW

That’s not the only VIP Area You’re not Getting Into, Sebastian.

Short of deciding it was too pricey to redo the opening voice over with only one episode remaining, young Miss Bradshaw really carried this one up now didn’t she, letting her inner writer take over, getting caught up in the could be moments instead of the would be moments which all lead up to the (final?) demise of Kyddshaw.

Despite the non-cherry popping implosion of Carrie’s relationship the episode did get some use out of its title (“A First Time for Everything”
) Tom and the single mom, Mouse and West and potentially Dorrit? (feel free to cringe now). Side note if you lined up Mouse, Carrie and Dorrit and were asked to list the order in which they would lose their V-cards presumably you would’ve failed.

With the finale now looming on the horizon it’s hard to say where the plot is going to go. It’s still wide open, which given its struggle to find the right balance between characters and geography is probably smart because now any re-tooling that might happen between seasons will come off much less jarring then it would with a concrete narrative.

– Ashley Blackburn

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