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The Clones of ‘Orphan Black’ Make Their Way to Comics

The Clones of ‘Orphan Black’ Make Their Way to Comics

While many may still be reeling from Tatiana Maslany’s recent Emmy snub, fans of BBC America’s Orphan Black have something to get excited about as the show makes the jump from the small screen to the pages of comics. In a recent press release, IDW has announced that the show will be coming to comic book form some time next year and no creative team has been announced at this time. Though not much information on plot or creators is given in the release, there does seem to be a honest interest in getting the vibe of the series right and giving the fans of fresh take on the show.



The Hit Sci-Fi TV Show Takes On Another Form In New Comic Book Series

San Diego, CA (July 23, 2014) – Orphan Black, the acclaimed sci-fi series by Temple Street Productions, assumes a new identity in the form of a comic-book series from IDW Publishing. IDW’s series will not be a clone of the show but will feature some all-new stories set in the complex and thrilling world of Orphan Black.

Orphan Black, in addition to being a captivating TV series, is a perfect premise for comics,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “And as the second season has expanded the series in exciting new directions, that has only increased the amount of stories we’ll be able to tell in comic-book form.”

Orphan Black, which has just been renewed for a third season, centers on Sarah Manning, who after witnessing the suicide of a woman that appears to be her doppelgänger comes into the knowledge that this woman and indeed herself, are two of many biological clones. Sarah takes on the woman’s identity and uses her position as a police detective to uncover the mystery behind what she is and what that means.

IDW Publishing is known for its authenticity and attention to detail when approaching licensed properties and Orphan Black is sure to be a comic book series a delight existing fans and make new ones.

“We’re so thrilled for Orphan Black to take shape as a comic series and join the ranks of IDW’s impressive roster,” said John Young, Managing Director of Temple Street Productions. “Orphan Black was met with an enormous amount of enthusiasm at last year’s Comic-Con which really inspired us to give back to fans of the show through a medium so vital to the science fiction world.”

IDW will be working closely with the show’s producers to expand the Orphan Black world. The first cover image seen here is by artist Nick Runge. The full creative teams and series details will be announced soon, with the first comic-book series launching in early 2015. Striker Entertainment on behalf of Temple Street Productions brokered the deal.



It is great to hear that the book will not be a straight adaptation of the series and instead expand on the universe created by the show, much like IDW’s other TV projects, like Doctor Who and the excellent The X-files Season 10. What makes those series work so well is that they seem to be written and drawn by real fans of the source material, so that much can be expected of Orphan Black.