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The Flash, Ep. 1.09, “The Man in the Yellow Suit”

The Flash, Ep. 1.09, “The Man in the Yellow Suit”


The Flash, Season 1, Episode 9, “The Man in the Yellow Suit”
Written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing
Directed by Ralph Hemecker
Airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET on the CW

In “The Man in the Yellow Suit”, written by Todd and Aaron Helbing, Barry Allen finally meets the man responsible for his mother’s murder. This week, Dr. Wells and Joe West team up with Eddie Thawne and his task force to use the tachyon device provided by Mercury Labs as bait to lure Reverse-Flash into a trap at STAR Labs. Meanwhile Caitlin’s preseumed-dead fiance, Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) emerges from hiding and Barry finally tells Iris how he feels about her. All this and more in what is a jam packed  Christmas Special.

Trying to explain the complexity of the history of the Reverse-Flash would be a pointless task since the TV show seems to be taking elements from two distinct incarnations of the comic book character and creating something new. Regardless if your familiar with the original source material or not, it becomes obvious that time travel plays a key role in the Flash storyline. For weeks now, many viewers have speculated that Reverse-Flash might still be a future version of Eddie but this week’s tag scene, tells otherwise. Not only does Wells have the yellow suit and the classic Flash ring but he’s also able to distort his voice to sound like Reverse-Flash.

It’s safe to assume that Eddie is still in some ways involved with the Reverse-Flash’s master plan – made abundantly clear when we see Reverse-Flash go out of his way to save him. Is Reverse-Flash a version of Wells from the future? Is he a version of Eddie from the future working with Wells? The truth is we don’t yet know who he is, but if I had to guess, I’d put my money on Thawne. My guess is Reverse took off with a fake tachyon device, allowing Wells to get away with not returning the real device back to it’s rightful owners. It only makes sense since Reverse-Flash nearly beats Wells do death and saves Eddie before vanishing. And let us not forget that the situation appears more complicated when Cisco notes both red and yellow blurs were visible when Barry’s mother disappeared, suggesting there is more than two speedsters. So my guess is, there are three speedsters: Barry Allen as the Flash, Eddie Thawne as the Reverse-Flash and Dr. Wells and what I presume will be Professor Zoom. The answers aren’t forthcoming anytime soon, and tt’s great to see how the series keeps viewers guessing since the mystery only helps make the villain(s) all the more interesting. It’s also a wise decision to not divulge too much information about Reverse-Flash so early on, since he will definitely be the overarching villain of the season, if not series. As the only person alive who can outrun the Flash, he’s certainly Barry’s most dangerous foe.


Despite the many well choreographed action set pieces, and impressive visual effects, “The Man In The Yellow Suit” plays as a more subdued episode than usual. We get several moments between Barry Allen and his parents, as well as a serving of romantic entanglements that will surely get more complicated as the season unravels. This episode placed a great deal of emphasis on Barry’s unrequited love for Iris but rather than draw the relationship out for the rest of the season (which could easily grow tiresome) Barry confesses his feelings to her. There’s also a sweet flashback featuring a young Barry Allen and his mother and two noteworthy scenes with his adoptive father and biological dad – all who offer some important advice about letting go of the past and embracing what matters most in life. This episode also built on last week’s reveal that Ronnie Raymond is alive; and while Firestorm is admittedly disappointing, the subplot does provide us with some sweet tender moments between Caitlin and Cisco.

“The Man in the Yellow Suit” was a great way to cap off the first half of what is shaping up to be an incredible first season. This is an episode where a lot happens; we get several big reveals, and many questions still left unanswered. Who killed Barry’s mother? Who is the Reverse-Flash? What exactly is Harrison Wells’ agenda? “The Man In The Yellow Suit” introduces a compelling new villain, another DC icon to flex his muscles, and allows Barry plenty of time to focus on both his professional and personal life. With Eddie’s anti-Flash task force on the move; the rebirth of Ronnie Raymond; Barry’s feelings for Iris out on the table; and the still-missing Captain Cold – there’s a lot to look forward to in the second half of the season (and that’s not taking into account the numerous Easter eggs such as Grodd and Ralph Dibney).

– Ricky D


Flash Facts:

I’m a little confused by how Firestorm’s powers are being portrayed. He seems like nothing from the actual comic. Hopefully Professor Stein will soon be brought into play and we’ll see a more traditional depiction of Firestorm and his abilities.

Joe: “The only red-suited dude I want in the house right now is Kris Kringle, you got it?”

Dr. Wells: “I think I speak for the group when I say, ‘You’ve been our gift, Barry.’”

“Speed Psycho” has a nice ring to it. “Opposite Flash” not so much. There’s always “Reverse Flash” and “Professor Zoom”…

Dr. Tina McGee: “Good luck with your manhunt.”

Fans of the 1990 The Flash will probably remember that Amanda Pays played Tina McGee in that version as well. Tina was the love interest/scientific genius on that show. She also works for Mercury Labs a nod to the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick who wore a helmet modeled after Roman God Mercury.

In Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry Allen dies when he is chasing down the tachyon beam that powers the Anti-Monitor’s doomsday weapon.

Barry (to Iris): “I guess there’s still some stuff about me you don’t know.”

Henry Allen: “Let it go, Barry. The Man in the Yellow Suit has taken enough from us already. Don’t let him take anymore.”

The Man in the Yellow Suit: “Oh I’m not like the Flash. Some would say I’m him in reverse.”

Joe: “Don’t lose that light, Barry. The world may need The Flash, but I need my Barry Allen.”

I’m surprised Cisco never thought of the nickname Professor Zoom.

The Flash returns on January 20th!