The Missing Film by Matt Stone and Trey Parker

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When Edgar Bronfman Jr gained ownership of Universal Studios he got into some odd marketing campaign practices. One of which is this rare, employee orientation video, that enlightened people about how things were going to change under new management.

Created in 1995 by Matt Stone and Trey Parker and commissioned by comedic filmmaker David Zucker, Your Studio and You was to be played at a party Seagram threw for its employees acquired as a result of its Universal Studios take-over. It parodies the style of 1950s educational films such as Duck and Cover, while poking fun at Universal and its talent. Edgar Bronfman Jr didn’t like it, so they scrapped it but the film is notable in that it was Stone and Parker’s first Hollywood gig. The film is also notable for its use of a number of celebrity actors, musicians, writers, producers, and directors in the Universal family, including Andrew Bergman, James Cameron, Shaun Cassidy, Robin Cook, Shelley Fabares, George Carlin, Michael J. Fox, Brian Grazer, Heavy D, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Barry Kemp, Angela Lansbury, Mike Lobell, Traci Lords, Kevin Misher, Demi Moore, Darrin Pfeiffer, John Singleton, Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, Marty Stuart, David Zucker, and finally Jerry Zucker.

See if you can spot all the cameos.

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