Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 58: ‘National Treasure’ and ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’

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On this week’s Mousterpiece Cinema, Josh and Mike are joined by special guest Casey Ryan to tackle not one, but two movies. Yes, they shoved a discussion of the 2004 adventure film National Treasure along with its 2007 sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets into one jam-packed episode. The double-movie package may be a blessing in disguise, as the three quickly agree that both movies are cut from the same cloth, as it were. But what of Nicolas Cage and his penchant for nutty performances? Which film is your hosts’ favorite? Who’s the better villain–Sean Bean or Ed Harris? And who has the crazier haircut: Nicolas Cage or Tom Hanks? You’ll have to listen to find out the answers to all of these burning questions!


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  1. Josh says


    Sorry to hear about your issues. I’d meant to add a note about the audio in the episode description but realized it too late. We did have some static issues during the recording that I couldn’t figure out how to eliminate during the editing process. It was (as you may or may not know depending on how many episodes you’ve heard) a one-time thing. I wasn’t happy with the audio, but couldn’t figure out a way to fiddle with it appropriately.


  2. Sam says

    I was listening to this on iTunes, and I couldn’t get through it – there was so much static-noise, especially towards the end. So much so that you guys were being drowned out! I also downloaded the MP3 version to be sure it wasn’t an iTunes issue, and the static was on that version too.

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