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The Originals, Ep. 1.05, “Sinners and Saints”: Mutually-beneficial relationships abound in New Orleans

The Originals, Ep. 1.05, “Sinners and Saints”: Mutually-beneficial relationships abound in New Orleans

The Originals, Sinners and Saints, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin

The Originals, Season 1, Episode 5, “Sinners and Saints”
Written by Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre
Directed by Chris Grismer
Airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on The CW

On this week’s The Originals, Marcel distracts Klaus and Rebekah, Hayley seeks her mysterious werewolf benefactors, Davina confesses her story to a newly-awakened Elijah, and Sophie misleads the vampires.

So, how touching and sad is Davina’s backstory? Marcel’s hold over her (a big question in last week’s episode) is less of a hold and more of a mutually-beneficial bond, nicely keeping with The Originals‘s ongoing central theme: family above all. Their relationship–despite the absence of the same blood–makes sense, but Davina’s decision to lie to Marcel in favor of siding with Elijah makes sense as well; though it’s easy to perceive Davina as the weakest and most dependent character on the show (given her young age and living situation), she’s anything but. Actually, she may even be in the lead for smartest and most independent character on The Originals.

After the horrifying witch-driven Harvest/Slaughterfest that took place in her past, Davina’s wisened up considerably–she doesn’t take anyone at face value and listens to everything she’s told with a healthy dose of skepticism. Sure, Marcel saved her once, but does that mean he’ll save her always, or even do what’s best for her? No, he has his own agendas, and Davina understands this well, obviously, because she agrees to team up with Elijah. Now, does this mean she’s blindly trusting Elijah? Absolutely not–she sees, as Marcel states once, the possibility for a “mutually-beneficial relationship.” Go, Davina.

Of course, the intelligent witch has a weakness in her inability to completely control the powers bestowed on her by her dead witch friends. But, how fascinating will it be to watch Elijah, perhaps the only vampire in history with perfect control of his darker nature, teach a teen witch how to control herself? What a treat to watch that’ll be.

Sophie, thus far one of the weaker characters on the show, is finally receiving a beefier storyline. Unfortunately, she’s still a bit of a wild card–whose side is she on, really? Not the vampires’, and maybe not Davina’s, either? She’s such a frequent liar and manipulator that it’s hard to tell what she really wants, though this episode delivered a semi-satisfying answer. She, like everyone else, is motivated by family, specifically the family member’s she’s lost in the witch/vampire war.

Speaking of war, it’s hard to watch The Originals without constantly reminding yourself that war brings out the worst in people. Sophie lies to protect her own, Marcel uses his friends to keep his power, Klaus kills anyone and everyone (including his own family members) to assure his success in overthrowing Marcel. Maybe it’s despicable, but it’s understandable, too.

Elijah is still one of the most morally-decent characters on the show (it’s great to finally have him back–he’s been away for far too long), though Hayley’s fast becoming likable and easy to root for. It’s nice to see her character being fleshed out on The Originals, as she was rather weak and unimportant on sister show The Vampire Diaries. Camille, unfortunately, is absent for the second episode in a row but learning the truth about her brother’s mass murder is well-worth her absence. The girl who’s always seemed to be on the very outskirts of the supernatural shenanigans in New Orleans is just as involved as the others–an excellent move on the writers’ part, since it hints she’ll soon have a more involved role.

“Sinners and Saints” is one of the best episode’s of the show so far, and easily complements last week’s stellar episode. Let’s hope The Originals keeps up the pace and quality in episodes to come.

Ashley Laggan