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The Rise and Fall of 3D Movies?

Some 3D movies can be done pretty well, Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon proved this point. But with this rising trend there has been an increasing decline. Movie after movie, audiences are being bombarded with 3D films, but most of them are all post converted. Films that were not meant to be in 3D are shot like a regular movie, but assuming the studios want to squeeze those extra bucks out of your pockets want to transfer the films into 3D versions without any second thought. Movies like Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland, and The Last Airbender are all examples of post 3D converted movies and have had horrible results in their transitions. Most of the films are shot too dark or the scenes just don’t translate the extra depth because the production of the scenes were not set up with that in mind. Have audiences finally wised up to this 3D trend, I hope so. One website has found kindness in their hearts and thought you might want to know the difference in all these films coming out and tell you if its Real 3D or Fake 3D. has posted a really nice in depth article regarding this fall of 3D films and contributed the chart up above designed by Daniel Frankel.  There are many factors to include in these charts of course, but I believe folks are wising up to this studio trend and won’t have it anymore.

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