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Everyone is familiar with the World of Pokemon. Each generation of games introduces a new continent that expands the geography for players to explore, and the number of discovered Pokemon is always on the rise; there are over 650 as of writing this and the entire Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Pokédex hasn’t been announced yet.

However, in the 17 years since Pokemon was born the franchise hasn’t seen much change. The graphics and gameplay improve with each console but the target audience remains the same. I love Pokemon as much today as I did when I was a kid but the games are not as appealing as they once were. I can’t be the only life-long Pokemon fan, which means there is a mature audience Nintendo and Game Freak are not catering for.

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The World of Pokemon Kickstarter wants to fill in that void. Like me, Joshua Dunlop has always been a Pokemon fan and craves to see it tailored towards a mature audience, so he has decided to create a Pokemon encyclopaedia from a real world scientific and historical perspective. Joshua and his team will use the money raised through Kickstarter to create an interactive website where fans can explore the regions of Pokemon as if they are looking at a real map, or research the biology of Pokemon as if the page has been torn directly from a science book.

Real-life Pokemon is a very popular art topic. Many a time have I been caught up in a vortex, spending hours Googling pictures of animals photoshopped to look like Growlithe or Pikachu. I was always looking for more, but my thirst could never be quenched because what I was looking for could not be found; I wanted realistic interpretations of Pokemon in their natural environment, and The World of Pokemon is the only thing trying to achieve that.

So let’s make this a reality. Donate £1/$1. Hell, donate more if you want, there are awesome incentives to do so. Promote this Kickstarter. Share it with all your friends. Use whatever tools you have at your disposal.

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We all want Pokemon to be real. This is just the next logical step.

– Lee Chesnalavage

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