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Top 10 Most Heroic Villains

Top 10 Most Heroic Villains

Typically, this is where you would find an intro. You’re reading this because you want something to explain what this article is about. Look up at the title. Now look down. Below, you’ll find a list of the top ten villains who maybe aren’t so evil after all. So see? You didn’t need this paragraph after all. You could have figured that out on your own. This is really just here to take up space and give you something to skip over on your way to the list. No more screwing around, I promise. Here it is:


Fred Meyers is a member of the Sinister Six, as well as holder of one of the dorkiest costumes ever. The blue man with the boomerang on his head was originally a major league pitcher who got drummed out for taking bribes. While he’s never really shown any intention of turning his life around, his new series Superior Foes of Spider-Man shows that he’s really just trying to do right by his team. Fred is a good guy at heart who simply doesn’t know how to be a good guy.



A few years ago, the Riddler took a good whack to the noggin. After that, Nygma managed not only to forget that he knew Bruce Wayne is Batman, but he also managed to forget most of the rest of his life. Riddler used this opportunity to pull away from villainy and become gotham’s greatest detective. Well, second greatest detective in Gotham…Unless the Question is there. Anyway, he became one of the best detectives in Gotham and used his brilliance to solve various crimes around the city and become a tentative ally for the Bat-Family. Unfortunately, Nygma eventually regained his memories and was dragged back into a life of villainy. He was, for a while, a well meaning hero to the citizens of Gotham.


Red Hulk

General Thunderbolt Ross has always wanted to destroy the Hulk. This is partly because he feels that Hulk is the on-again, off-again love interest of Ross’s daughter Betty, and this puts Betty in danger. Unfortunately, Ross’s desire to protect Betty and stop the Hulk turns into a bit of a psychosis. This psychosis leads him to become the Red Hulk, one of the few beings able to take on the Hulk blow for blow. After his change to the Red Hulk, Ross has proven himself to be a real hero, and has won some awesome victories. Ross is now leading the Thunderbolts, an aptly named team of mercs in the Marvel Now universe.



Batman’s romantic interest, and reformed cat burglar. Catwoman used to be one of the world’s foremost criminals, and now she uses her powers as a steady member of the Bat-Family. Selina Kyle even tried to quit the Catwoman business altogether during Will Pfeifer’s run on her series. Catwoman’s skills have put her on both the top 100 Villains of All Time list, and the Top 100 Heroes of All Time



Everybody knows the Merc with a Mouth. The red clad mercenary has become a fan favorite, especially in recent years. Originally a New Mutants villain, he has gone on to team up with some great heroes, and kick Captain America in the testicles. The Cable and Deadpool series is an all time fan favorite. Deadpool isn’t really a bad guy…or a good guy either. Deadpool is just Deadpool. His major goals in life involve becoming an X-Man, eating his weight in chimichangas, and something unmentionable with Bea Arthur.



Flash Thompson was a dick. A well meaning dick, but still a dick. He spent his high school years picking on Peter Parker, but was also the most vocal supporter of Spider-Man. He even formed the first Spider-Man fan club. As Flash matured, he volunteered for military service in two separate wars. The experience changed him, both mentally and physically. Mentally, Flash became a calmer, more mature person. Physically, however, he lost both his legs below the knees, while trying to save a superior officer. Recently, Flash has bonded with the Venom Symbiote. He has taken up a new life in Philadelphia, using his Venom abilities to become a super hero.


The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad basically boils down to Amanda Waller’s personal army. Waller recruits criminals that are looking for a shot at redemption, and freedom. The squad is used for dangerous and government unsanctioned missions. All the time Waller is dangling a clean background over their heads. The team is very similar to the Secret Six and Task Force X. In the end, though, these criminals are looking for redemption, so maybe they aren’t so bad.



Max Eisenhardt’s entire life has been reactionary. In World War II, Max’s mother, father, and sister were killed by Nazis, and Max was sent to Auschwitz. Eventually, he escaped the camp and fell in love with a young girl. They lived happily until one night, the villagers discovered Magneto’s mutant powers, and formed an angry mob. The mob burned down Max’s home with his love inside it. All of this helped to shape the man known as Magneto. The world began to openly hate mutants, and Magneto saw his people once again being tortured and killed for who they are. Because of this he stepped forward, becoming the mutant Terrorist leader Magneto.


Doc Ock

Doctor Octopus is a mad scientist and long time arch-enemy of Spider-Man. Now, If you haven’t read any Spidey since #699, You’re going to want to stop now. But if you haven’t read anything since Amazing Spider-Man #699, you’re probably not here reading this right now. You’re busy writing hate mail to Dan Slott. For the rest of you, Doc Ock has taken over Spider-Man’s body. In return, he was bombarded with Peter’s memories, overwhelming him with the same sense of responsibility that drove peter to become a hero in the first place. Now Doctor Octopus is now just Spider-Man, he is a Superior Spider-Man.


Lex Luthor

I know, unexpected right? Lex is a bad guy. He keeps trying to hurt Superman who is clearly a good guy. WRONG. Lex isn’t so bad when you get down to it. Several times in the past, he has shared his motivations with readers. Superman is bad for the Earth because of his natural abilities. Superman takes away the drive to achieve that makes humanity great, because we can never be as great as Superman. Superman also encourages a lack of personal responsibility. Whatever happens, the people of Earth know that Superman will be there to save them. Luthor stands against that. Luthor stands up for all of human potential because he is THE self made man.