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On October 27, Troma Team Video will unleash upon US audiences Shameless, Tasteless: Trash Cinema from the Soviet Underground – a collection of sleaze gems by infamous Ukrainian filmmaker Yakov Levi. With casts composed of real-life criminals, prostitutes, and narcotic addicts, this depraved anthology chronicles the misled adventures of degenerate hookers, possessed sadomasochists, and homicidal undergarments. Available for the first time in America, Shameless, Tasteless: Trash Cinema from the Soviet Underground takes transgressive art to a new level of moral corruption.

To release a collection of Levi’s sick masterpieces — Shameless, Tasteless, The Killer Bra, Matroshka Dolls of Doom, Vanity Insanity, The Ghost of Marquis de Sade, and Penisella 1,2, 3 & 4 – Troma Team Video rose to the challenge of creating an equally perverse DVD. A removable bellyband conceals parts deemed too inappropriate for public eyes. Also inclusive in this package are commentary tracks by Yakov Levi for each film, promos, outtakes, music, and photo galleries.

Street Date: 10.27.2009 – List Price: $14.95

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