Troma Entertainment Announces Blu-Ray Release Of Tromeo & Juliet

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Body piercing. Kinky sex. Dismemberment. The things that made Shakespeare great! Troma Entertainment announced the June 15 release of Lloyd Kaufman’s Tromeo & Juliet on Blu-ray. Written by James Gunn (Dawn Of The Dead, Slither), Tromeo & Juliet moves the classic tale of star-crossed lovers from 16th century Verona to a crumbling mid-nineties New York, where young Tromeo (Will Keenan) and Juliet (Jane Jensen) must defy their families’ endless feud in order to be together for eternity.

“Tromeo & Juliet came to me in a visionary burst,” recalls director Lloyd Kaufman. “First the title, which I found humorous. Second, the desire to do a romance. True love has always been in the sidelines of Troma movies but never in the forefront. Third, I felt some debt to Shakespeare. I was bored with the baby-food adaptations that were being released. Shakespeare was a shit disturber.”

Featuring Lemmy from Motorhead as the narrator and a kick ass soundtrack that includes Motorhead, Sublime, and The Meatmen, Tromeo & Juliet is the most over-the-top erotic action comedy since Romeo & Juliet debuted on the stage in 1596. Fans of the ultimate cult classic Shakespeare adaptation will rejoice over the new HD transfer from the original 35mm elements! A hit in theaters and on home video, Tromeo & Juliet was instrumental in bringing a large number of female fans to Troma, whose fans prior were mostly male.

Highlights from the disc include as follows: four audio commentaries with cast and crew including director Lloyd Kaufman, writer James Gunn, editor Frank Reynolds (In The Bedroom) and co-star Sean Gunn, deleted scenes, interviews with cast and crew, fan reenactments of classic scenes, Slithering Through Hollywood: Lloyd Kaufman’s video diary of James Gunn’s Slither, Getting Hostel with Hollywood: James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman visit Eli Roth’s birthday party, and more!

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