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Paramount and MTV Films announce Les Grossman Movie

So the appearance of Les Grossman, the character Tom Cruise brought to life in the 2008 comedy hit Tropic Thunder, at the MTV Movie Awards was a big hit with the kiddies, so naturally we’re going to get a movie about him.

Paramount and MTV Films released a statement yesterday (June 9, 2010) revealing they were developing a movie centered on the Grossman character, whom they refer to as a mega producer. Deadline Hollywood had the exclusive.  Cruise has signed on to produce in conjunction with Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfield of Red Hour Films.  Stiller had this to say: “Les Grossman’s life story is an inspiring tale of the classic human struggle to achieve greatness against all odds. He has assured me he plans to quote, ‘F**king  kill the sh*t out of this movie and make Citizen f**king Kane look like a piece of crap home movie by the time we are done.’ I am honored to be working with him.”

Michael Bacall, the scribe behind the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, is reportedly working on the script.

If you ask me, this idea has about as much promise as another SNL skit stretched into feature length flop.  Les Grossman was perfectly funny as a supporting character, but I sincerely doubt he has the depth to pull off a leading role.  So far, Grossman has proven that he can be entertaining in three-minute spurts, but can he keep the laughs going for 90 full minutes?

– Kenneth  Broadway