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14 Different Types of Reading Chairs

14 Different Types of Reading Chairs

There is nothing like reading a great book while relaxing in a comfy chair but there are so many types of reading chairs on the market today, how do you choose one?

You will need to decide on which type of reading chair will work best for you as well as one that will go along with the décor of your house or apartment. From a simple accent chair beside a floor lamp to a colorful bean bag chair, there are many different styles you can choose from to cozy up with a good book. Check out our list below to help you in your search for the perfect reading chair.

Club Chair

A woman reading a pink book on a pink club chair.

A club chair is a type of armchair, usually covered in leather. It was created and made in France. Before it came to be known under its current name, it first appeared as the fauteuil comfortable, the “comfortable armchair”. It is a type of upholstered chair that is considered a wingback chair, also known as a wing chair.

Chaise Lounge

A woman reading a book on a red leather chaise lounge.

The chaise lounge chair offers you plenty of comforts as well as style in a living or dining room. It allows you the space to stretch out and is a great chair for one person to relax while reading or napping. It is similar to a couch with a backrest at one end to provide you with plenty of comforts.

Lounge Chair

A man browsing his phone while sitting on a lounge chair with foot stool by the fireplace.

A lounge chair is similar to a chaise lounge. It is an upholstered chair with plenty of cushions to provide you with a cozy place to relax and read a great book. Some lounge chairs come with a matching ottoman so you can be in a sitting position but still put your feet up while you read.

It is a very comfortable chair that you can purchase in a wide variety of styles and colors to match your décor.

Office Chair

A man reading the newspaper on a swiveling blue office chair with wheels.

Some people prefer to read at their desk and if you are one of those people, you will want to spend a little money on a very comfortable office chair. If you have trouble with backaches, you may even want to purchase an ergonomic desk chair to ensure you will have a comfy reading chair to sit in that will not cause you to pain later on in the day. A Chesterfield chair is another great option for your office, library, or den to sit in while reading too.

Slipper Chair

This is a close look at a reading nook with a vintage tan slipper chair and a side table.

A slipper chair, also known as an accent chair, is an armless chair that resembles an armchair that is available in a variety of styles and colors. It is a great chair for reading by a window and for people who find a chair with armrests to be too confining.

The slipper chair made its first appearance in the early part of the eighteenth century as a low-slung chair that could be found in many women’s bedrooms to be used as seating. Many times it was used when the maids of the household helped the women to put on their shoes or slippers which is where the name of this chair comes from.

Rocking Chair

This is a close look at the bedroom with a white wooden rocking chair on the side to act as reading area.

A rocking chair makes a great seat for reading. A rocking chair with upholstered cushions in your living room or as a bedroom chair makes a great spot for reading as well as an antique rocker for your front porch.

Barrel Chair

This is a look at a woman reading a book on a barrel chair by the window.

The shape of the barrel chair is based on that of a nail barrel with a distinctive curved back on it that sometimes has a section missing. It is a type of armchair that boasts a mid-century modern style.


A woman reading a book on a white tufted recliner chair.

A recliner chair is a great place to put your feet up, relax, and read a great book or listen to the audio version of a great book. It is a great chair to also take a quick nap if reading sometimes makes you sleepy.

Hanging Chair

A woman reading a book on a hanging woven chair by the fireplace.

A hanging chair, also known as a hammock chair, makes for a very unique and comfy reading chair. It does not have legs and you can purchase versions that hang from a stand that sits on the floor or chairs that hang from the ceiling or even a tree or pole outside. These chairs normally secured with a rope or chain and can even swing or rotate.

Lawson Chair

This is a close look at a gray cushioned Lawson chair paired with a gray standing lamp.

The Lawson chair is a true reading chair since its armrests are situated at just the right height to allow you to rest your elbows while reading a book, a magazine, or even the Sunday newspaper. You can purchase one in a variety of styles but most boast a mid-century or traditional design and style.

Eames Lounge Chair

A woman reading a book on an Eames Lounge Chair with a matching footstool.

The Eames Lounge Chair and matching ottoman were created in 1956 by designers Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company and are made of leather and plywood. This chair is a great option to sit in while reading a good book, whether it is a book on your tablet or a book in your hands.

Bergere Chair

This is a close look at a brown leather tufted Bergere Chair beside a bookshelf.

A bergère chair is a type of upholstered French-style armchair that is enclosed and sports an upholstered back as well as armrests that are secured on a frame. This chair was created with lounging in mind, along with comfort, and offers a deeper, wide seating area. This type of chair can even be found in the White House.

Tub Chair

This is a close look at a reading nook by the window with a woven wicker tub chair that has a cushion.

A tub chair is a type of easy chair with a low back and arms that are made to be even with the back or sloped upward in a continuous-style curve shape. These chairs look great in a reading nook or living room and will allow you to be comfy while you read for hours.

Bean Bag

A man reading a book while sitting on a green bean bag chair.

Read a book on your phone or grab a book from your bookshelf then head to the nearest bean bag chair. They are a very comfy chair for reading and are available in a slew of different colors. Also known as Sacco chairs, bean bag chairs are made of fabric, are pretty large, and are stuffed with polystyrene beads. The chair tends to shape your body as you sit or lay in one.

FAQs About Types of Reading Chairs

What is a wicker chair?

Many wicker chairs used to be made of plant materials, including willow, reed, rattan, and bamboo, but many of the wicker chairs on today’s market are created from synthetic fibers. The chairs can be used indoors or outdoors and make a great place to sit and read or write in your journal.

Why is the egg chair famous?

The Egg chair was designed and created by a Danish architect and designer named Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and is still being manufactured by the Danish furniture company, Fritz Hansen, to this day. It has a very unique shape and is situated on a star-like swivel base which has earned this particular chair the designation of a design icon in the world of furniture.

How do you choose a reading chair?

To choose the best reading chair for you, you need to find one that is the most comfortable for your body type, and keep in mind, that reading chairs with taller backs on them are usually one of the better options for everyone because it gives you more support for your back.

If you enjoy putting your feet up and relaxing while you read, you will want to look for a lounge chair with a matching Ottoman recliner chair, or a good footstool to go with the chair that you choose for reading.