Videocast: Front Row Center Episode 2a: ‘Dogtooth’ (Road to the Oscars)

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Infused with its own brand of hyper-stylized realism, Dogtooth feels so out of this world that it’s almost impossible to pin down. The winner of the Prix Un Certain Regard at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, the Greek film is twisted and weird enough that the absurd comedy of Todd Solondz seems lucid by comparison. On this week’s episode of Front Row Center, hosts Derek Gladu and Simon Howell sit down and discuss Greece’s Oscar nominated Foreign language feature film from director Giorgos Lanthimos.

  1. […] two years now, and in fact we recently reviewed it again on our newly launched video-cast titled Front Row Center. So it’s no secret that we are fans and are highly anticipating the director’s next […]

  2. Julian Carrington says

    Dogtooth was an instant favourite of mine, and I enjoyed your discussion and comments. Slightly surprised that you went to the trouble of avoiding spoilers, but nonetheless opted to include Kino’s spoiler-crazy trailer. I think going in cold is almost essential to fully appreciating the delightfully perverse curiosities that Dogtooth has to offer.

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