Watch A Horrendous Number from ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’

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So I’m a huge fan of Spiderman and while I used to like the mega rock group U2, I’m not so much a fan of Bono anymore. That all ended after The Joshua Tree album. I also don’ t usually like musicals. So the idea of a Spiderman musical with music and lyrics by U2’s Bono and The Edge didn’t really appeal to me. Spider Man:Turn Of The Dark is the most expensive Broadway production, and had the longest preview period (182 preview performances), in history. Although the musical began performances in November 2010, the official opening was postponed several times. After receiving feedback from preview audiences and scathing reviews from critics, previews were suspended in March 2011. Director Julie Taymor left the production, as co-director Philip William McKinley was brought in to redirect portions of the show. Basically the entire thing has been one huge mess and a total waste of time and money. If you haven’t seen any of the footage from the broadway production before, you might be interested in watching this video below. The cast of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark returned to the Late Show with David Letterman a few weeks back and performed the number below. The clip should give you an idea of just how bad the music is.


via /Film via  Topless Robot.

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