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Week in Review: Spend the night at the Godzilla Hotel in Japan

Week in Review: Spend the night at the Godzilla Hotel in Japan

Godzilla Hotel

Anyone who has ever watched the Godzilla films knows that he isn’t a monster at all. More of a protector really. So this hotel room opening in Tokyo, really is quite soothing to know you have someone looking over you. Not scary at all, honestly.

For just $334 a night on weekdays, you can have Godzilla’s hand looming over you as you sleep and a statue of the kaiju peacefully guarding your doorway. You can even get a room that looks directly out at a Godzilla head mounted on the roof of the hotel.

Ah the Japanese; so like us.

We all know Michael Keaton should’ve won an Oscar last Sunday. In fact, he probably thought so too. Take a look at this Vine, in which it kind of looks like he’s putting a piece of paper, maybe an acceptance speech back into his jacket pocket right when he found out he lost.

By giving an extremely close-up look at the new poster for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans confirmed that Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Idris Elba (Heimdall), and Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) would all appear in the upcoming movie, joining, you know, just about everyone else currently working in Hollywood.

This week in video game news, Assassin’s Creed is inaccurate, says Science. That’s right: Science, not History, although surely they have some comments about Ezio Auditore hobnobbing with Machiavelli and Da Vinci. A group of physics students at the University of Leicester wrote a paper determining whether you could actually dive safely from a multi-story building into a conveniently placed haystack and come out cool, casual and unscathed. The answer: no, of course not. They determined that to dive from a building of 10 stories in height, you would need a haystack that was at least 10 meters high, and that to land in an average haystack as depicted in the game, you could only safely do so from about 12-13 meters up and only survive the fall from less than 50 meters. Just a word to the wise for anyone looking to jump from the top of Il Duomo. You can check their work and read the paper here. These students even previously fact-checked Super Mario Galaxy. Although the students better watch their backs; you never know what secret order of Assassins or Templars might not want this news getting out.


A guy who looked kind of like Jim Carrey (and maybe a little like Jason Segel?) accepted an award posing as Carrey at an awards show in the Czech Republic. Allllll rightey then!

In this week’s casting news: Lady Gaga will star in Season 5 of American Horror Story. Marisa Tomei is set to play Ms. Magazine’s Gloria Steinem in an HBO miniseries. Jessica Chastain has joined The Huntsman. Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike has her next role alongside Christian Bale in The Deep Blue Good-by, as directed by James Mangold. And Blake Lively and Jason Clarke will star in Marc Forster’s next movie, the romance All I See Is You.

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