Who is the best Bond?


I’ve been watching James Bond in some form or another, on the page or the screen, since I can remember. My Dad, who I didn’t see that often, always seemed to be watching a Bond film and my Mom just adored Sean Connery. The first one I saw was Live and Let Die (1973) with Roger Moore and to this day he is my favorite Pre-Daniel Craig Bond. I went on to backtrack and have pretty much watched most Bond films though I certainly gave up after the first Pierce Brosnan outing. Once I’d see Daniel Craig don the suit and bow tie however, I had to reasess my feelings on the entire shebang. Here’s my top Bonds in order:

6.Pierce Brosnan
5.George Lazenby
4.Sean Connery
3.Timothy Dalton
2.Roger Moore
1.Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig is an updated version of Ian Fleming’s true Bond and I really think he has it down pat. I put Sean Connery as 4 because he was straight up far too arrogant and sexist though I realise that was the culture of the time. Yet, I can’t forgive him for making the tough spy into more of a caricature than a bad mofo. I’d love to say George Lazenby was higher on the list but he was only in one film for a reason. I’ll always love Bond and raise my martini to the future of the franchise and to seeing with great anticipation, Quantum of Solace.

Jenni Klaus

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