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Why Online Gaming Is All The Rage

Why Online Gaming Is All The Rage


Online gaming is nothing new but in an increasingly more connected world it’s becoming hard to ignore. Whether you’re chilling out on a train playing Candy Crush or queueing up at midnight to snag the latest release, gaming now appeals to a whole range of people who might never have had an interest before. From the young to the old, men, women, children and everyone in between can jump on board and more and more often they’re loving it. Just why is this the case? We take a look at some of the key reasons.


As mentioned previously, we are always connected. We’re almost never without the devices which keep us connected to the world, and we are easily bored when we don’t feel like we are able to speak to people instantly. As an alternative to social media, many of us download games for those times when we haven’t got Wi-Fi or we need to kill some time.

Exploring Our Mature Side

Again, games aren’t just for children! Okay, so nobody ever aspires to grow up too quickly (except of course kids in school!) but there are some things which the online generation do which are actually kind of… fun. Whilst there’s no call for computerised knitting just yet (hopefully?!), something like online bingo takes the image of grannies at the bingo hall away from the entire situation, and it’s actually a whole load of fun. It’s really simple to sign up to the likes of 32Red Canada, or perhaps Giggle Bingo, for a range of games which may take your fancy and even give you a few kicks.



Admit it, we all seem to be worse on the procrastination front these days. If something needs doing, often we do our very best to do anything but. There’s a psychology to it apparently, but it still makes zero sense. If we have deadlines or important business to attend to, it obviously makes sense to get on with it but in all honesty, we’d rather kick back and play Call of Duty or whatever else is trending in the App store.

   by  JD Hancock



This might not seem like something which is typically associated with gaming in the old fashioned sense. However, there are tons of games these days which actually allow us to get fit whilst playing. Despite Wii Fit no longer being a huge deal, there are still many players worldwide and similar imitations available online. To be honest, since the days of arcade dance mats, the whole thing has been rather appealing. It’s the ultimate way to stay in shape whilst having a laugh and, most importantly, not having to show your face at the dreaded gym!


We’re a competitive species by nature, and, in general, a lot of us love showing off, despite not wanting to admit it. Even the shyest human being can learn to excel at online gaming in his or her bedroom and pull out the skills as a party trick. Whether they’re wowing their mates, competing in tournaments or just impressing people on the other side of the world, being a pro at online gaming in any sense can be a real talking point, money spinner and attention grabber!

Additionally, Esports are a huge deal these days and the concept of competing in gaming can be as big a deal for some people as competing in things like the Olympics – no, really!


Not to be confused with procrastination, often a good old distraction is a welcome addition to our lives when the going gets tough. In most cases, the outcome of gaming had no effect on our daily lives and so it’s nice just to take the pressure off for a little while! Games don’t expect deadlines from us or board meetings and they’re so accessible that we can reach for them at any time.


Most of us have stressful lives and many of us yearn for the carefree days of childhood once more. Gaming allows you to let your hair down and regress a little, and really do something just for the fun of it. Whether you prefer first person shooters, bingo like at 32Red or even good old Candy Crush, you’re bound to get a little kick out of doing something just because you can!