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Woohoo! FXX ‘Simpsons’ Marathon and app coming soon

Woohoo! FXX ‘Simpsons’ Marathon and app coming soon


For those who had heard the perfectly cromulent news that syndication for The Simpsons had been obtained by FXX and that they would kick it off with a marathon covering every episode of the show, you may have noticed the lack of a date on those juicy, little, 5-second teasers in between episodes of Louie and Married.

Well Monday at a Television Critics Association panel, it was unveiled that the app with which to watch Every. Simpsons. Ever. would be released in October, along with the website SimpsonsWorld, according to The Wrap. The site will allow you to watch each of the 552 episodes, track their progress, sort by character-specific themed episodes (I’ve always wanted to watch every Sideshow Bob episode in one sitting), and even “Simpson-ize” your own photo.

And the marathon on FXX featuring the entire series’ chronological run, with the movie, will begin August 21 and continue through September 1. After that, regular airings of The Simpsons on FXX will continue along with mini-marathons each Sunday.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!