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Xbox One: First Impressions

Xbox One: First Impressions


When I wrote the article comparing the two next gen consoles I stated that gamers should wait until prices drops and the kinks were worked out. However, with more commercials showing the features of the consoles and the amazing games I found myself wanting to get one. Most of the retailers around the Sacramento were stripped barren from the Thanksgiving rush so the chances of getting this console were slim.

This all changed when we went to our local Best Buy as they stated they were releasing consoles that were never picked up.

I felt as if I was a kid on Christmas morning waiting outside the Best Buy at 9:45 in the morning and found out they opened at 11:00. More people showed and I knew I was going to get an XBox One and when the doors opened it was as if Santa gave us presents.

Because all the units were day one editions.

I went up and got a bundled deal that came with two games (Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5), an extra controller, 24 months of XBox Live, a 2 year warranty and a card that gives you 20% off future video game purchases. Even the Dead Rising 3 that I got was the last one and it was a day one edition as well! Smiling from ear to ear I left the store and drove home waiting to play the games and experience this new console.

Setting up this beast of a machine was very simple as I opted to just hook it up to my tuner and not my satellite box. Yes you can watch TV on the Xbox One but I didn’t care about that as I wanted to play games and that’s it. I was dreading setting up my avatar but when they asked for my email and password everything carried over from my Xbox 360! It was so simple, quick and easy as I was off and running playing Dead Rising 3.

Now I am going to review these games in separate reviews as I wanted to focus on the console in this article. What I absolutely love is that you can transition between game and watching video or even do them side by side seamlessly. The Kinect that comes with the unit (as the PS4 does not come bundled with a camera) is FAR superior than the first model. This version comes complete with advanced gesture control, voice control and even facial recognition for accounts. With these features it feels as if we are playing with the future of cutting edge technology.

And the best part about this is that the games and experiences are all new as this console was just released. Give this console a few months to a year and you will see the full potential of this console.

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