Arcade Fire has completed the score to The Box.

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Montreal orchestral rockers, Arcade Fire have officially completed the score to Richard Kelly’s latest directorial project, The Box. The band initially backed away from the project when front man Win Butler stated he was only interested in composing one or two instrumental pieces.  However, according to Pitchfork, Butler has confirmed writing the entire score with his wife and band member Régine Chassagne, as well as band member Owen Pallett (a.k.a. violinist Final Fantasy). The band recently traveled to Toronto where they recorded 80 minutes of original music with a full orchestra, including strings, brass and a rich, polyphonic keyboard called a Mellotron.

“They’re just like my favorite band, period,” Kelly told MTV News. “And I just have always felt that their stuff was really cinematic.” The score is already being compared to the likes of Bernard Hermann’s work with Hitchcock with Kelly calling it, “very lush, and kind of a very bombastic, emotional score.”

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