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‘Captain America’ #1 shows what makes Sam Wilson fly

‘Captain America’ #1 shows what makes Sam Wilson fly



Captain America: Sam Wilson #1
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Daniel Acuna
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Star-Spangled Avengers is back. Sam Wilson is flying higher (in coach seats!) and making bold statements about who exactly is defending the USA and the world at large in the process. Nick Spencer of Morning Glories, and more recently, Ant-Man, fame does wonders for Sam Wilson and company in the re-debut issue for the “all-new” Captain America.

All throughout the issue, we get the clearest definition of just who Sam Wilson is…not just as the hero Captain America he needs to be for people, but even at his most personal level. This is the most politically charged we’ve ever seen a Marvel Comic in a universe filled with Duck Detectives, Iron Men, and various manner of mutant and Inhuman folk. The comic covers several aspects of a day in the life of Captain America and to say the least, there are developments that stretch all across the Marvel Universe.

Like any series Daniel Acuna is on, the art itself brings a rejuvenated life into what’s happening on every page. Sam sitting coach on a flight next to some “dude bros” is highly entertaining when they use bottle caps to identify him as Captain America.  This is a transition to let Daniel stretch his eye-popping art in an action sequence involving Misty Knight (in a new outfit!) and a entire Helicarrier full of HYDRA Agents with Crossbones leading the charge. Seeing Misty still in action after Rick Remender’s short lived run with Sam is a welcome sight and helps round out the small team Sam has made for himself in the form of Dennis Dunphy. It’s a return to form for the  hero in the wings.

Together, Sam, Misty, and Dennis make quite the trio to combat threats that Sam himself has created because of his position with the US government and SHIELD. It’s a unique position to find yourself in to say the least: a PoC taking up the mantle of the original All American hero and denouncing two incredibly powerful  organizations outright. Yet, he still holds true to his beliefs and fights the good fight for the people that make living for the side of good something to strive towards. This is Sam Wilson at his most intimate thought level, and readers are right there with him. His ideas might not seem great and cause trouble long-term for his almost “rogue” like status, but he’s sticking to his guns and has a bird with a sonic cannon so things can’t be all bad.

The issue nears completion with two pages that feel vaguely reminiscent of a sequence early in Captain America: Winter Soldier. They tug on the heart strings, but there’s work to be done out and with Mighty Avengers style hotline call that takes Sam to the blazing heat because of a problem. There is also an enemy that bring up issues that wouldn’t be out of place in the real world set up expertly on the final page. Whatever happens in the future for Sam Wilson, Captain America, he is in good hands with Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna.

Rating: 9/10