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‘Cyborg’ #3 turns Detroit into a Battlefield

‘Cyborg’ #3 turns Detroit into a Battlefield


Cyborg #3
Written by David Walker
Pencils by Ivan Reis
Inks by Joe Prado
Colors by Adriano Lucas
Letters by Corey Breen
Published by DC Comics

As the cover implies, Victor Stone does not catch breaks. Cyborg #3 picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending of the last issue, and we focus on the Technosapiens infecting Robert in his own living room. Elsewhere, more of their kind open a portal in Downtown Detroit and begin the invasion.

Ivan Reis embraces the normal war-torn backgrounds as we pick up 24 hours later with Cyborg and Sebastian leading a group of civilians to safety. Even though their surroundings are less than great, Cyborg still cracks a joke or two about this is just what the Justice League does. He literally stands out here given his blue and white color scheme from colorist Adriano Lucas. During some narration, Cyborg surmises that the nightmares that he’s been having were warnings for this very invasion. We get a nice forward shot of blaster action from Victor and the happenings with Sarah, Thomas, and the rest of the S.T.A.R Labs Team. Suffice it to say, Sarah can hold her own in a firefight even when things are dire. It’s at this point in the issue where Victor and Sarah’s lives begin to intertwine to bring us full circle before the issue ends. The two are on aided by allies in their own right to fight the invasion before them but helpful hands during the end times aren’t always certain.

Cyborg reunites with Will Magnus and the Metal Men adding splashes of color to a double page spread. The climactic battle that takes place while Sarah is locked in a Dead Space-esque fight for survival adds stakes and a level of urgency for the protagonists to find out ways to destroy the Technosapiens. The sapiens themselves have never looked deadlier here as they  make menacing advancements whenever we see them. The ending to the issue plays on the notion of the DC Multiverse and doubles as a personal assault to Cyborg’s family ties.

Issue #4 is gearing up to be the biggest issue yet in terms of payoff to the story David Walker is telling so far. However, Cyborg #3 is an excellent comic in its own right with friendly faces aplenty, science-fiction action and horror, and a phenomenal art team. It continues the hot streak that this book has been on since the beginning of the DC You initiative.

Rating: 8/10