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Darren Aronofsky returns to the drug world with ‘Intricate’

Darren Aronofsky is no stranger to drugs and movies. His 2000 heroin-and-pills drama Requiem for a Dream cemented his auteur status and scored him a loyal cult following. Now according to 24 Frames, the director is returning to the world of drug films with Intricate, “a story of a promising young athlete who finds himself caught up in the drug trade in 1990s New York.” Aronofsky won’t be directing since he is busy working on Wolverine. Instead, director Brad Furman, who helmed the upcoming thriller The Lincoln Lawyer, will take on the responsibility. Furman was quoted as saying, “he is developing the independent project with Black Swan producer Scott Franklin and Aronofsky — who incubate films at their New York-based company Protozoa Pictures — serving as producers.” Intricate will be the second film from Protozoa Pictures not directed by Aronofsky, with the first being Pitch Black. Inspired by a true story, Intricate tells of a highly touted college basketball recruit who gets involved in the drug underworld after his hoops career doesn’t pan out. At the time, the New York narcotics trade is rife with violence and connections to the burgeoning rap industry.