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David Cronenberg’s Next Film Is Not The Follow Up To ‘Eastern Promises’ But Something Else

David Cronenberg has two new films in the can and at least one heading to TIFF and now we have news of his upcoming project. Personally Cronenberg is my favourite director of all time, one of the

reasons why our podcast was originally titled The Naked Lunch. While some people were a bit disappointed with Eastern Promises (looking at you Simon Howell), I felt it was one of the filmmaker’s strongest works. There were rumours that his next project would be the follow up to that, but now it seems Cronenberg has chosen something else and will be adapting a film based on the novel by Jonathan Lethem, As She Climbed Across The Table. The book is a satirical science fiction story set on the campus of fictional Beauchamp University in Northern California. Particle physicist Alice Coombs rooms with Philip Engstrand, an anthropologist researching conflicts between and within disciplines.

Rights for the book were bought by Media Rights Capital – the same company that is working on Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium – and Bruce Wagner will be writing the script.

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