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David Fincher & James Ellroy working on 50s set noir series for HBO

David Fincher & James Ellroy working on 50s set noir series for HBO


In what sounds like a match made in heaven, famed filmmaker David Fincher and author James Ellroy are in the early stages of collaborating on a new show for HBO. The Playlist and /Film report that details on the project are scarce, but the show is said to be a 1950s set noir detective story.

Fincher and Ellroy were set to work together on The Black Dahlia, which was based on Ellroy’s book of the same name. That project fell through and Brian De Palma ended up directing the film in 2006. Fincher and Ellroy have remained in contact since and have been waiting to create something together since then.

Ellroy has had several works adapted to film, the most famous being the incredible 1997 neo-noir detective film L.A. Confidential directed by Curtis Hanson. The film was also set in the 50s and was highly successful with critics and audiences alike.

Fincher currently is about to release the highly anticipated Gone Girl in early October and recently produced the much lauded House of Cards on Netflix. Whatever this collaboration ends up being, it wouldn’t be the director’s first detective yarn as he did so with the 1995 neo-noir horror/thriller Seven and the fact based drama Zodiac in 2007. Both films happen to be two of his best films easy, so him returning to the genre is exceptionally exciting.