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David Lynch officially returning to Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks’ revival

David Lynch officially returning to Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks’ revival

David Lynch

Over the course of its run and subsequent release on home video and DVD, the tv series Twin Peaks has garnered a number of fans, many of whom have lamented the hasty end of the show, brought about by a cancellation and marred by network interference. Fans of David Lynch, who was a driving force for the show, often list the series among the highlights of his career.

Thus, many were excited to learn of the announcement by cable channel Showtime that Twin Peaks would be returning to the air 20 years after its cancellation. Initial reports added that David Lynch would be returning to direct all episodes of the new season, following in the footsteps of individuals like Steven Soderbergh, who similarly took the directorial reins for the entire season of Cinemax series The Knick. However, concerns over funding caused Lynch to drop out of the project earlier this year, with many individuals, including the show’s cast, pointing out that his presence was an integral aspect of the show.

The call appears to have been heeded, as Lynch and Showtime have now announced that the filmmaker will be returning for the project after all.

Showtime has also announced that the series’ initial nine-episode order has been expanded, though a total number has yet to be announced. Lynch, however, will direct all episodes.