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DC Comics Announces “Convergence” Event for 2015

DC Comics Announces “Convergence” Event for 2015

All around the country, articles are announcing DC’s Convergence, which is next year’s all new event for the comics giant. Really, though the headlines should read something more like this, “DC Same Multiverse Crossover, Again.” That’s right, anyone that didn’t see this vague announcement on the horizon just hasn’t been paying attention.The series kicks off with a 0 issue on April first of next year (and if you expect it to be any good, you’re the April fool.) Even USA Today is covering the story, promising a new villain (Brainiac again) who is scooping up cities throughout DC’s rich and, lately ignored, history.


The series will be helmed by Jeff King, the head writer for the TV series White Collar, and will split off into 40 two-part mini-series (because DC has clearly lost their minds at this point.) Convergence will spin out of DC’s current dueling events, Future’s End and Earth 2 World’s End, so that recent fans will be familiar only with an unending string of massive, convoluted crossover events. With all this exciting news, DC probably won’t spoil the ending (a la “Death of the Family”) right away. Loyal DC fans will surely be breaking out their savings bonds from Nana so that the can collect the entire bevy of issues. Good luck, fans.