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Death Becomes Her: The Best (and Easiest) Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes.


Leave the Scream Mask at home, this Halloween Sound on Sight has you covered.

Before asking “Why so serious?” with a grin only Heath Ledger can really pull off and unlike the thousands of others who will try this Halloween (like last, and like the ones to come) why not browse through other films for a more unique and obscure, generic or fun reference. Also, unless it’s an ironic Eddie Murphy-vampire in Brooklyn costume, I beg you to refrain from the pointy teeth whether or not it’s Twilight-intentional. The following are bound to win you some sort of prize.

Most Creative


Any major character from Robert Vadim’s 1968 classic, Barbarella. You could be Pygar, the blind angel who has lost his will to fly; a costume that only requires a pair of wings, a cloth and a lost, apathetic facial expression. The Great Tyrant, the fabulous and sexually open-minded black queen of Sogo, clad in an assortment of leather and a unicorn horn (sties optional). Or shine as the innocent and charming Barbarella in any of her many risqué and futuristic costumes. Love.

Least Creative


Overdone but always classic: Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Easy, relevant and pantless for ladies who want to opt for sexy rather than scary. This costume facilitates any social situation by opening the door for people to make fun of Tom Cruise and showing appreciation for 80’s movies.

Most Disturbing


Christian Bale in American Psycho, or Christian Bale on set screaming and threatening random stagehands. Slick your hair back, grab a chainsaw and visibly remind people that there are a lot of weirdos out there.



The evil clown from the movie It. Or any clown period, they freak everyone out.

Most Wildly Inappropriate


For the daringly obnoxious, any recently-deceased celebrity is always a popular and crowd-displeasing costume. Tasteless, but memorable, this years popular deaths offer incredible iconic range: a Charlie’s Angel back from the dead, the ghost from Ghost, or the King of Pop and dark allegations.



Anyone from the original Adam West version of Batman. Every costume is retro, ridiculous and flattering. The Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, whiny “Holy Halloween!” Robin, or the man with the most serious voice in television, Adam West.

Most fun to wear


-Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle. Strap a toy gun to your garter, put on your best lingire and cover it up with a fur coat. Nobody might remember this character but when will you ever have the chance to wear these things together again? Hate Demi Moore? This costume also works as ‘Bond Girl’.

-Anyone from Valley of the Dolls. Big hair, mod clothing and doll-popping ways. Be a 70’s retro hot mess.

-Rose Mcgowan’s character in Deathproof.  Red lips, a tube top and a plastic gun for a leg. Just adjust it so you walk with your knee bent all evening or tie it around subtly.

-Columbia from Rocky Horror: glittery hat, glittery make up and a spandex leotard.

Least Effort, Most sarcastic


An alien from the movie All you need is a generic drugstore alien mask and to walk back and forth on someone’s lawn.

No matter what you choose, remember that if you aren’t making your own costume, someone else will be wearing it. If all else fails, grab some eyeliner and a top hat and be a Johnny Depp character.

Happy Halloween!

Melanie Kozlan