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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Sergeant Benton

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Sergeant Benton

John Levene as Doctor Who ally Sergeant Benton

Sergeant Benton

Portrayed by: John Levene

Doctor: Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor

Story: 17 stories, from The Invasion (Nov, 1968) to Mawdryn Undead (Feb, 1983)

Background: Sergeant Benton is an officer working with UNIT. Though he does share two stories with the Second Doctor, one as an unnamed soldier, he functions primarily as an ally for the UNIT stories of the Third and Fourth Doctors. We know little about his past, but he does serve as a contrast to Capt. Yates, implying he had a decidedly less privileged upbringing.

Family/Friends: Sgt. Benton has a sister, but otherwise very little is known of his biological family. Over the course of his run however, Benton develops a close friendship with the Brigadier, Sgt. Yates, the Doctor, and his Companions, becoming part of what is known as the UNIT family.

Personality: Sgt. Benton is a good-natured if somewhat dim man, at least compared to his brilliant compatriots. He’s a brave soldier and steadfast friend, however, someone you want to have in your corner during an alien invasion or Masterly nefarious scheme. He’s also incredibly easy going, taking the Doctor’s occasional jabs well, and though initially a bit thrown, he quickly comes to handle the various odd occurrences he experiences with UNIT with ease.

Special Skills: Military training, bravery

Highlights: Being turned into a baby by the Master in The Time Monster, fighting on both sides as himself and an evil android replacement in The Android Invasion

Lowlights: Sgt. Benton isn’t the most well-developed character in the Whoniverse. After a while, his one note can get a bit old, as likeable as he is.

Memorable quotes:

Doctor: “Well, Sergeant, aren’t you going to say it that it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Everybody else does.”
Benton: “It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Anyway, nothing to do with you surprises me anymore, Doctor.”  The Three Doctors