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Elementary, Ep.1.19: “Snow Angels”: homicide, robbery and a surprising new supporting character

Elementary, Ep.1.19: “Snow Angels”: homicide, robbery and a surprising new supporting character

Elementary, Season 1, Episode 19: “Snow Angels”
Directed by Andrew Bernstein
Written by Jason Tracey
Airs Thursdays at 10pm (ET) on CBS

Snow Angels

Snow Angels” has it all; gun action, robbery, new characters, snow…it all begins with an interesting cold opening – forced entry, a tall blonde and a would-be homicide.  But it seems that this little snippet of action is easily overshadowed by the remaining 40 minutes or so.

The beginning of the episode focuses on the robbery of the latest cell phone – in this day and age, it sounds like a very plausible crime but it seems like another step in the show’s subtle targeting of tech aficionados.
Given certain references on the show i.e. the past endorsement for Windows Surface, Holmes using Instagram, Watson enquiring about a smartphone app to magnify a tampered lock while he uses a magnifying glass (nice nod there, Tracey) – it all seems so normal for one minute and then the next, the cast are resorted to ‘back-to-basics’ to solve the crime: no use of a landline phone, walking through the snow, old-style fingerprinting…
The episode is essentially a kind of ‘past-vs-present’ comparison under the guise of a citywide blizzard to show the significance of modern technology.

The introduction of a new supporting character this week revisits familiar territory.  The appearance of an attractive, older transgender woman, who is involved with a married man, in Holmes’ brownstone doesn’t raise eyebrows with Watson as she is now well-versed with his…past times. However, she gets a warm reception and quickly gains Watson’s support.  A woman with a penchant for White Darjeeling tea but no romantic connections to Holmes, who can thoroughly organise his academic books and rouse concern with his partner? This is the modern take on the infamous Holmes’ housekeeper, Ms. Hudson, and it is an interesting update on the character at that.

The duo’s playful banter steps up a notch, further establishing their personal relationship rather than professional.  During the episode, the student evidently revels in her newly-developed skills – identifying fake money, deducing the unexplained trajectory of a stray bullet as well as the time-frame of the robbery due to tyre tracks in the snow – showing how far she has come while she has been with Holmes.
In the past, the episodes tends to feature him inexplicably reach a conclusion with Watson merely as a spectator, whereas this new dynamic in the partnership is just as, or perhaps even more, enjoyable, as displayed when the pair bicker during a ride in a snow plough.

The ending is abrupt and unfortunately quite unsatisfying given the general fun and frolics of the episode, but don’t let that deter you as we enter the final run of the first season of Elementary.

Next episode is on Thursday April 25th, 2013

– Katie Wong