Fantasia 2011: ‘Crépuscule’ – ‘Wings Of Desire’ in Stop Motion Hell

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Fantasia fans of stop motion animated film should take interest in Éric Falardeau’s short Crépuscule. Local Quebec filmmaker, Falardeau has directed five live action multi-awarded short films (almost all shot on Kodak super 8 mm film) and is now working on his first full length feature.

Crépuscule is a demented stop motion animated short, featuring a ton of gore and sex! The film follows a group of angel-like creatures living in perfect symbiosis with their environment until a man and a woman break into their dull and regulated world, disturbing their peaceful ways, and tempting them to discover human desires.

The film was shot in HD with the Canon Mark II EOS 5D and a set of lenses (along with the Dragon Stop Motion software). The shooting involved almost exclusively indoor shots in front of a blue screen. 35mm release prints started to tour the festival circuit last week with the world premiere at the Spanish’s Cryptshow Festival. However the North American’s premiere will be held at the 15th FanTasia International Film Festival before the feature length Bas-Fond (august 2nd and 4th). The film has been produced as an artist in residency project at the Les Films de l’Autre. It is distributed by Les Films du 3 Mars. The film is funded in part by the Quebec government’s SODEC- Programme Jeunes Créateurs.

Crépuscule : Bande annonce / Trailer from ThanatoFilms on Vimeo.

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