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‘Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues’ #1 sets the stage for intergalactic hijinks

‘Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues’ #1 sets the stage for intergalactic hijinks

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1

Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Nacho Arranz
Colors: Esther Sanz
Letters: Gilberto Lazcano
Publisher: IDW

When last we saw Commander Taggert and his loyal crew, they were aboard the NSEA Protector once again after an eighteen year absence. Those of us who monitor the Galaxy Quest historical documents carefully have been waiting patiently to see what adventure awaits our heroes. Though it appears video transmissions have forever gone dark, Erik Burnham and his crew have documented Galaxy Quest in an alternate, but equally pleasing manner.

Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1 takes place a few years after the film’s ending credits. The main conflict, however, arises due to the Commander’s decision to use the Omega 13 during the crew’s final confrontation with General Sarris. Turns out Omega 13’s ability to rearrange matter wasn’t limited to the Protector’s command deck.

Across the galaxy on the planet Dryth, a thirteen second rewind has turned the tide of a civil war, and the rebels aren’t too happy about that.galaxy-quest-01-preview-06

Skip ahead a few years to the present date and we find a familiar face Brandon, the Galaxy Quest fanatic that is ultimately responsible for the crews’ victory over Sarris, at the California Center for Scientific Advancement in San Francisco. Seems young Brandon has been keeping contact with the Thermians which is great for someone in the scientific field who needs a sounding board, but not so great when an alien race is looking for the source of the Omega 13.

Anyhow, Brandon and Mathazar are finally able to contact the Commander and alert him to the impending situation seconds before a Dryth rebel appears disguised as the Commander. Thus a new adventure commences.

Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues is a welcomed sight to die hard Questerians. It continues to capture the geeky sci-fi charm Galaxy Quest exuded when it hit theaters in 1999. Once again we see two worlds collide: the first a full on high stakes sci-fi adventure and the second a loving portrayal of television shows and their fandoms. While the film focuses on each actor embracing their identity aboard the Protector, the comic plans to investigate the consequences of altering the time stream. So far we have a lot of setup, but it’ll be interesting to see just how Jason Nesmith and the gang manage to solve this intergalactic quandary while balancing their busy Hollywood lives. One thing is certain, despite the odds, the Protector and her crew will be victorious.

Never give up, never surrender.