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Gods are Forever in ‘Justice League’ #47

Gods are Forever in ‘Justice League’ #47


Justice League #47
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jason Fabok
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Publisher: DC Comics

Act Three of the biggest DC Event yet begins here and like the issues preceding it…you begin to see the connections and plot threads begin making steps forward to what’s no doubt going to be a phenomenal endgame in the next few issues.

Wonder Woman remains the anchor for the events that go down, and it’s nice of Geoff Johns to call on relationships of characters and events that reference past Justice League arcs (Some greater than others.). After going through versions of their personal Godhood, members of the Justice League finally begin to realign and focus their efforts on the one common enemy that’s been plaguing them since the beginning. There are certain bits that start to feel like they’re replaying scenes from different views and more slow teasers of nefarious plans that involve players that have been involved in the War for several issues. It’s not exactly a waiting game because we advance other plot points above others but there is a sense of stalling in the air. Despite not seeing members like Flash, Shazam, and Lex at all in this issue getting to settle down with another team of characters that were in the background as of late is refreshing, and boy, does Jason Fabok pay attention to detail and character reactions throughout.

Fabok demands  attention with each hero and villain that dominates the pages and panels alike. Each character has their own feel and vibe that radiates off of the page. You can feel the warmth and ferocity that Wonder Woman carries into battle, Bat-God becomes even more cold and meticulous to those around him, and Superman retains, if not gains. more strength. But there is a sense of sadness given a side effect of his condition.  Colorist Brad Anderson fits the tone alongside Fabok, and it hits the right tone of gritty, cosmic, and dark that the Forever Evil event set up back in 2013. You will know each and every character based on their distinct design and the colors that the art team has created. It’s not David Finch level of direness and terror, but nonetheless gets the job done. Speaking of Forever Evil, after seeing glimpses and keeping up with a few of the Earth 3 survivors over the course of the Justice League title,  they come back in full force and we’re treated to a few surprise reveals and switching of sides that set the stage for the finale act in a way that sets this chapter as the climax of the “Darkseid War”.

With the clock winding down and with only 3 issues in the War to go, not all of the characters are at the forefront in Justice League #47, but it works lest the already packed title become overstuffed with players. With the main artist back on to finish the event, the “Darkseid War” should begin to wrap up character arcs and pick up steam to change the landscape of DC Universe in  issue 50.