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Guillermo Del Toro Wants To Do Hellboy 3

Director Guillermo del Toro says he might return to the Hellboy film franchises sooner than expected now that he’s dropped out from directing the long-awaited adaptation of The Hobbit. When asked by MTV News about his Hellboy return, del Toro seemed to indicate that its fate rested in the hands of Ron Perlman and whether or not he would want to reprise the role of the titular character.

“You know, I think that everyone should ask Ron,” said del Toro. “I had dinner with Perlman last night. He said ‘six hours in the makeup chair, what do you want?'” And he’s doing Sons of Anarchy without makeup. He’s spoiled! He likes to be the big cheese without the makeup session.”

“I would love to do it,” continued del Toro. “But the heartbreak for me is that I know how it ends and I don’t know if I want to see that ending. But I would love to do it.”

Watch the interview after the break.

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