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Happy Holidays and Thank You for Your Continued Support

Happy Holidays and Thank You for Your Continued Support
Happy Holidays 2010
Hey, Sound On Sight Nation.
It’s been a crazy year at Sound On Sight. Not only did we launch our new game section, but we managed to increase our Facebook likes to 10 000 followers, and our Tumblr account now has over 200 000 followers. Our comic book section is stronger than ever, and we now have over 85 writers contributing world-wide. We attended the Cannes Film Festival for the very first time, and along with that, we also managed to cover over 40 more festivals across the globe including TIFF, Sundance, Fantastic Fest, SXSW and Fantasia. We reviewed over 75 TV shows this year, and launched several new podcasts – and best of all – our readership has dramatically increased. In less than a week, our flagship podcast will release its 400th episode, and if you count it’s spinoff show Sordid Cinema, we are on track to record our 500th episode this January. All that to say, our independently owned and operated publication isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. With the holiday season upon us, we’re grateful for the past year that we’ve shared. As readers and listeners of our podcasts, you’ve made SOS better than it could have been without you. There’s a lot more to look forward to, and we’re thrilled that you’re a part of that process.
There are way too many people to thank but I need to make special mention of a few individuals who are greatly responsible for our success. Thank you to Kate Kulzick for producing and hosting one of the best TV podcasts the Televerse, and for launching our gigantic TV section a few years back. Without Kate, there would be no TV section. Thank you to Deepayan Sengupta who pulled triple duties this year as our managing TV editor, blog editor and TV critic. Thanks to Simon Howell for hosting the Televerse, the SOS flagship podcast and Sordid Cinema. Simon also released his incredible end-year mix tape which is essential listening. Simon helped launched the site back in 2007, and without him, I’m not sure I would continue to keep SOS alive. He is instrumental in our success, and one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Thank you to Mike Worby who took over as the games editor early this year and managed to find ways to make our small but quickly growing section stand out. Thank you to Logan Dalton who while offered a gig at another publication, came back to SOS to continue his work as our comic book editor. He and Tony Nunes launched the section two years ago and they have really worked hard to keep it alive and growing. Thank you to Brian Welk for doing what nobody else was able to do in seven years – in managing our news/blog section he produced fresh articles each and every day. Thank you to J.R. Kinnard for taking over as our lead film critic. J.R. And Justine Smith (our new film editor), took over at the last minute when our previous lead film critic/editor left us for another site. The fact that they stepped in to save our site at such short notice means the world to us. Thank you to Josh Slater-Williams for also stepping in as our managing film editor and helping with the enormous work load.
Like I said, there are so many people to thank. Thank you to all our readers, listeners and writers from around the world. I wish you all a happy holiday season, and a happy new year. With so many of my favourite independent blogs and websites closing down recently, it is nice to know that so many of you value the work we do here, and realize that while we have a great many major publications to visit online, independently owned sites are just as valuable.
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