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‘Legends of Eisenwald’ promises a rich strategy RPG

‘Legends of Eisenwald’ promises a rich strategy RPG


Legends of Eisenwald is a hybrid of RPG and strategy elements from Aterdux Entertainment. Originally conceived as a Kickstarter, the title likens its gameplay to that of a Knight-Errant Simulator. Typically, turn-based battles have been simplified here to overcome one of the biggest challenges in the genre, a lack of dynamic gameplay.

Aterdux Entertainment envisioned a game where there is no moving without striking and every move the player makes can be a game changer. There are plenty of different units to choose from with vast upgrade trees. Each unit can be adjusted both as an upgrade to their skills and also their weaponry. Of course, all the special abilities in the world mean nothing unless there is something to do. Luckily, there’s the possibility to conquer castles and increase the power of the army. Once a castle is occupied that isn’t the end, since they will also need to be protected from aggressive foes.

Legends of Eisenwald also manages to escape many tropes associated with this style of gameplay. The world of Eisenwald is not fantasy, rather, it’s a world with supernatural elements. Some magical creatures exist, but not of the elven variety. Heroes are not saving the world or trying to be the next god. They are more interested in human motivations like wealth, glory, and even unrequited love.

Legends of Eisenwald is available now for PC via Steam.