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Matthew Vaughn in talks to direct ‘Flash Gordon’

Matthew Vaughn in talks to direct ‘Flash Gordon’


Alex Raymond’s sci-fi comic strip Flash Gordon has been hugely influential on pop culture. We’re a big fan of the newer comic series ourselves. And though we’ve gotten a 1980 camp classic movie adaptation, we’re due for another blockbuster size version on the big screen.

Matthew Vaughn, director of Kingsman, Kick-Ass, and X-Men: First Class, is in talks to direct Flash Gordon for Twentieth Century Fox, THR is reporting. The script for the film was written by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, who worked on Star Trek 3.

Currently, Vaughn is producing the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and Eddie the Eagle starring Hugh Jackman, but he has yet to line up another directing project following Kingsman. Flash Gordon would be his sixth film.