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Meet Christopher Shy, Your New Favorite Movie Artist

Meet Christopher Shy, Your New Favorite Movie Artist

Shy - Star Wars header ver.

A while back, while aimlessly wandering the internet, I came across this impossibly gorgeous Alien poster. I originally found it on Rekall, a site devoted to awesome retro technology and sci-fi stuff, but the poster sadly came without any indication of who the brilliant SOB who created it was. Then, earlier today, I found out: his name is Christopher Shy, and he’s done more, and it’s all incredible.

Shy is the founder of Studio Ronin, a design studio and gallery based in Madison, Wisconsin. Through Studio Ronin, Shy has produced several graphic novels, and has done work for film, comics, and games. From concept art to tie-in graphic novels, Shy’s done it all.

I post a fair bit of poster art on here since I started, and I only post stuff when it strikes a chord in me, when something about it speaks to me. Christopher Shy’s art doesn’t just speak to me, it sings to me. This is art like I’ve never seen before, gorgeously surreal and impressionistic. Honestly, I don’t really have the words. I’m not an art guy, I just know what I like, and I like this a lot.

There’s a lot of terrific horror and sci-fi movie art going on right now. I’ve posted plenty of great pieces from Mondo, Galleries 1988 and others, but the work I bring you today really feels like a cut above. There’s something almost legendary about it. Maybe’s it’s the faded look, the way image feels worn and time-ravaged. Shy’s work isn’t glossy and crisp. It feels like something out of history, in the best way possible. I’m grasping for words. Like I said, I’m not an art guy, and Shy’s work is exactly that: art.

Have a look at a gallery of some of my favorite pieces below, and if one or more of them strikes your fancy: go and buy some this very second.