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Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Coming To A Big Screen

According to Deadline, GK Films is in active negotiations to acquire a package which will allow them to make a film based on Micheal Jackson’s groundbreaking music video Thriller, originally a sixteen minute long music video directed by John Landis (American Werewolf In London).

The film, which has been quietly shopped over the past several weeks by Real Effects Entertainment, unfortunately has Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) attached to direct, and The Hangover scribe Jeremy Garelick to write the screenplay.

While GK is in the driver’s seat, Fox 2000, Mandate/Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are all in the mix to produce the film at under $50 million. The plot is being kept under wraps but I’m guessing it has something to do with werewolves. I think I would be more excited had the producers asked John Landis to direct.

In addition to the Thriller deal, Cirque du Soleil is in talks to do two live shows based on Jackson’s music, and that Montecito partners Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock are looking to do a feature about Jackson’s younger years.

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Also check out our podcast special below that we dedicated to Michael Jackson back in 2009.

Yes, he was the punchline of about a quarter-million Tonight Show jokes. But Michael Jackson’s stop-on-a-dime dance moves and sensual soprano have influenced generations of musicians, dancers and entertainers, and the man was so much more than what the tabloids made him out to be. One of entertainment’s greatest icons, he was incredibly gifted, and like most gifted individuals he was an equally troubled genius who kept us captivated at his most dazzling, and at his most appalling moments. The New York Times once described him as one of the six most famous people on the planet. I’d like to up the ante: he was the most famous person on the planet. He influenced artists ranging from Justin Timberlake to Madonna, and genres from rock to pop to R&B to even rap. No other artist has been as unifying. On Episode 130 of Sound On Sight we will examine Michael in film, discuss his legendary music videos review his films and remember a legend.

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