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More Scott Pilgrim News… and why not?

There is no harm in further promoting one of my favourite films of 2010 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, especially since it isn’t making much money at the box office. It was reported that Edgar Wright changed the ending from what test screening/preview audiences saw earlier in the year to what we have now in the theatrical version. What we didn’t know until late, was the Wright had another idea in mind for the DVD release.

According to The Playlist, at the preview screening in New York City earlier this year, Wright mentioned an idea that he had for an alternate ending where it would end with Scott waking up from a dream to a TV news report stating that the local Toronto teen had actually killed the six x-boyfriends and one x-girlfriend of Ramona. Unfortunately according to the Playlist, Wright admitted to not having the time to film it saying, “Yeah, we nearly shot that on video during the reshoots — but dammit, we only had 6 hours of night and no time to do it.”

In other news, an interesting video leaked on YouTube that the filmmakers used to help explain to the effects team, how the physics of the battle between Scott Pilgrim and Matthew Patel should look like.

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