‘Mystic Searches’ out-retros everyone, will release as an NES cartridge


Mystic Searches
Developed by Joe Granato
Published by TBD
Coming soon to NES, Wii U

An adventure 25 years in the making is fittingly getting the old-school treatment, as developer Joe Granato’s homage to the 8-bit games he grew up with, Mystic Searches, will release not only in digital form, but also as a physical cartridge in that eye-pleasing NES grey, playable on the system that inspired it and complete with the dust-blowing “mini-game” that accompanied those 1980s originals.

A top-down open-world set in a fantasy of his childhood imagination, Mystic Searches’ Granato and his growing team also hope to create a modern-looking version for the latest generation of consoles complete with 3D models and all the visual upgrades one would expect on thirty-years -ewer technology. This separate game will be housed inside a flash drive contained within the cartridge, accessible via USB connection. Interestingly, the two versions will supposedly be able to influence each other, unlocking weapons or other content in their counterpart.mystic-searches

A documentary is being produced alongside development to provide insight into just what it takes to make a brand new old game, and a tutorial for those who wish to attempt such a thing themselves is also being assembled. NES homebrews have maintained a healthy audience for some time, with breakout hits such as 2010’s Battle Kid. The last licensed game for the Nintendo Entertainment System was Wario’s Woods in 1994.

Mystic Searches is currently in its second Kickstarter phase, with hopes of coming to the Wii U and tying two Nintendo generations together. To see all of the rewards offered to backers and stretch goals, head to the game’s page. If you’re like me and can’t let go of the past, Mystic Searches is one to keep your pixelated eyes on.

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