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New Girl, Ep. 2.16, “Table 34”: Turban On, Marriage & The Mojo Man

New Girl, Ep. 2.16, “Table 34”: Turban On, Marriage & The Mojo Man


New Girl, Season 2, Episode 16: “Table 34”
Written by David Iserson
Directed by Tristram Shapeero
Airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX

With the audience keen to see the aftermath of the kiss we’ve all been waiting for, the gang attends an Indian marriage convention in New Girl’s most anticipated episode of the season.

Following up events from last week’s episode, “Table 34” provides the audience with more enjoyable, uncomfortable moments that are full of regret from both Jess and Nick. Placing the awkward morning after action at the same Indian marriage convention attended by other characters, the pair is forced to interact.

In a series of entertaining convention activities including speed dating and newspaper table building, Nick and Jess are competing with each other, trying to prove the kiss meant nothing to either one of them. This feels like a weak aftermath for fans that are longing for the pair to shack up, but Rome wasn’t built in a day right?

The convention also brings Cece and a hopelessly devoted Schmidt together once again. In usual, tactless fashion, Schmidt dresses up in traditional Indian-wear in a bid to win her back. It’s simultaneously warm and ridiculous, a trait that New Girl has really perfected. Schmidt speaks up on her behalf in a cringe inducing and equally heartwarming moment that makes you wish Cece would give him another chance. This also highlights more slight disappointment, we have two great couples that audiences are rooting for and nothing is happening but this is how sitcoms function and the exact reason we love, hate, and watch them.

This week also saw, which will hopefully be a weekly occurrence, another great Winston B-story.  Newly laid and dubbing himself “The Mojo Man” Winston is feeling good about himself and isn’t afraid to express this. With a funky dance and a newfound confidence, he soon attracts the wrong kind of attention at the convention.

We also saw an unusual moment between Cece and Nick where they share a moment of realisation. This is nice to see some form of bonding and also kept the two main plots intertwined.

Any disappointment the audience were feeling is gone when the episode reaches its climax. At the end of the episode Nick and Jess share a moment that wins the audience’s attention back. With the breakup of Jess and Sam at the convention, we see Nick failing to lift Jess’ spirits back at the loft. Before driving her out of the room, he apologises one final time. Moments before their embrace, it is set up as if they are going to kiss again, drawing the audience back in.

With newly single Jess stating she ‘saw through space and time’ during their kiss, and with Cece and Schmidt ending up in bed together again all hope is not lost.


Tara Costello