New Girl, Ep. 2.22: “Bachelorette Party” is not the most memorable episode but hints at some interesting potential story lines

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New Girl, Season 2, Episode 22: “Bachelorette Party”
Written by Kay Cannon & Sophia Lear
Directed by Matt Sohn
Airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX

In terms of comedy New Girl delivers a fairly average episode this week but all of the characters get to shine, including Winston and Cece. The episode begins with Nick walking around in a hideous orange tracksuit that belonged to his late dad. His mother has sent it and he refuses to take it off, claiming a “dead dad pass”. This means he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants as his dad has passed away. When Winston delivers Cece’s wedding invites, Jess takes it upon herself to throw a surprise bachelorette party and Schmidt is outraged because he hasn’t got a plus one and the episode begins.

In preparation for the bachelorette party, Jess asks Nick and Winston to kidnap Shivrang for a night out away from Cece. As mentioned in last week’s “First Date” review, the continuity with Winston’s ridiculous responses and ideas continue on full display in this episode.

At Cece’s place, the couple prepare for the big event as his aunt and grandma (who flew all the way from India for this) glare in silence. Every thing about this wedding does not sit right with most of the characters as well as the audience and it becomes painfully clear how overwhelmed Cece is becoming. Shivrang then pulls her aside and hints at all the sex they’ll be having once they’re married and not only does this freak Cece out, it’s also uncomfortable for the audience. It’s clear that there is still an attraction between Cece and Schmidt, and Shivrang really doesn’t feel manly enough for Cece. If we look back the only reason Cece allowed her mother to arrange a marriage is because Schmidt isn’t a relationship guy and she might not have long left to have a child. Ever since Cece started dating anyone other than Schmidt, he has been acting out and with a wedding happening in three weeks he is being difficult as ever. It’s not surprise he is furious about not having a plus one but it is shocking the lengths he will go to secure one. Barging in on Cece and her future family, she is left with no choice to tell him plus ones are serious partners or spouses and he may have one if he has a serious girlfriend by the time of the wedding. Schmidt being Schmidt sees this as a challenge.

Back at the loft, the bachelorette party is set up and they’re ready to surprise Cece. The loft has been transformed into pink, sexually aggressive condo complete with Cece’s awful, model friends and Sadie, Jess’ pregnant lesbian doctor friend. Cece arrives and intends to go in only for a minute and Shivrang’s aunt insists on going up with her. This is a pretty obvious set-up and it’s clear the moment they walk in Jess will throw something inappropriate in their faces and the aunt will disapprove. The first thing the girls stick in Cece’s face is a life size cardboard figure of naked Shivrang for a game of “pin the dong”, classic. With Shivrang’s aunt already looking in disapproval she asks the group to keep the bachelorette party G-rated. In terms of comedy, the G-rated party isn’t really amusing; in fact it just reminds us of how annoying Cece’s friends are. It does, however, serve as a pretty good platform for both Jess and Cece to express their opinions on the wedding. It seems appropriate that Jess would be the one to tell Cece she should slow things down and get to know Shivrang better and not have to change herself. The fact she hasn’t seen his penis yet only confirms this notion. Cece’s over the top reaction is justified by her anxiety that she will be spending the rest of her life with a man she hasn’t seen naked. Jess and Cece’s fights are never amusing and are merely a role in the sitcom formula. By that I mean, there is a big blowout, then the end of the episode restores normality.

The dialogue between Nick and Jess over the phone is the most amusing part about the party. “I need it to scale, so please put, like, a nickel or a big toe or a golf pencil in there for reference.” She says as she asks the guys to get a photo of Shivrang’s manhood for Cece. This is most definitely the strangest B story we have seen this season but it was kind of fun seeing Shivrang away from Cece, particularly with Winston’s over the top kidnapper persona. However, the best part of the storyline is Nick merely for another ridiculous outfit. Much like his feminine trench coat in “Cooler”, it’s hilarious because he is in fact the sensible one in this situation (forever telling Winston to dial down the crazy) and yet it is impossible to take him seriously.

Whilst this is all happening Schmidt is on a mission to acquire a plus one for Cece’s wedding. What starts off as yet another obnoxious stunt from Mr. Douchebag himself, actually turns out to be intriguing. This storyline allows us to learn about Elizabeth (Merritt Weaver), his ex and only real girlfriend from college. This is interesting because this is the first time we really meet a significant other, that isn’t Cece. Elizabeth is from his “big guy” days and she explains to him and the audience Schmidt’s transition from lovely big guy to a slim jerk. This then leads him to apologise to Cece for being selfish during their “relationship” and attempt to make it up to Elizabeth.

With the episode ending with Shivrang stating the only thing she needs to know about him is that he will strive to make her the happiest woman on the planet, it may be possible he is a good match for her. I’m still not convinced this wedding is going to happen though. “Bachelorette Party” definitely isn’t the most memorable episode of New Girl but it hints at some interesting potential story lines that could develop before the season is over. Could this reunion with Elizabeth and pizza signal a return of Fat Schmidt? I certainly hope so; it would be interesting to see how Cece reacts.


– Catstello


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