News: Pegg and Frost Comedy Boasts Impressive Cast, Pacino to Play Dr. Death, Anchorman 2?

Hot off the heels of a big critical success with Adventureland, Greg Mattola’s upcoming Simon Pegg and Nick Frost sci-fi comedy Paul has gotten a lot more interesting.  Variety reports that a ridiculous quantity of talent has now been added to the project: Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, Jane Lynch, Bill Hader, and the glorious Kristen Wiig. Pegg and Frost play a pair of conspiracy theory nerds who find their way into area 51 on a road trip. They meet an escaped alien (the title character and voiced by Rogen) and I’m almost certain that some very British hilarity will ensue. The script is by the comic dynamic duo themselves following 2007’s Hot Fuzz.  So my anticipation is growing steadily.  Greg Mattola appears to be on quite a streak with comedy, let’s hope us it continues.

FYI: Adventureland will be released on DVD/Blue ray August 25.  It’s a must see.

There has been talk of a possible Anchorman 2 for more than a year now but Will Farrell has confirmed with radio’s Jono & Dano that next week there will be a meeting involving him, Steve Carrel, and Paul Rudd to finalize negotiations.  This is as good a sign as any that the sequel is a definite go.  A trade announcement should be around the corner. Ahh yes, a little more Ron Burgundy can make the world a better place.


Al Pacino tapped to play Dr. Kevorkian in HBO teleplay.  Barry Levinson is also in board to direct. Adam Mazer (Breach) wrote the script loosely based on “Between the Dying and the Dead: Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the Assisted Suicide Machine and the Battle to Legalize Euthanasia” by Neal Nicol.  Pacino looks creepy enough for the part I guess.  Ben Kinsley was once attached to the project, now that would have been more interesting.

Anthony Nicholas

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