Robert Rodriguez is soliciting fan submissions for the creature design of his next film

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Robert Rodriguez

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has made a name for himself over his career for a wide variety of projects, be it taking on Westerns in Desperado, vampires in From Dusk Till Dawn, or graphic novels in Sin City. For his next project, however, Rodriguez is going in another direction altogether; partnering with Blackberry, the filmmaker is looking to make a short film in heavy collaboration with film fans. Titled Project Green Screen, the short itself is titled Two Scoops, and the first two phases involved audience input in the form of a small speaking role or a picture for a “Missing” poster, and suggestions for offbeat weapons. Now Rodriguez has moved onto the next stage, asking for submissions for designs for monsters. Rodriguez doesn’t place any limitations on the design, encouraging artists and non-artists alike to be as creative and original as possible, with the promise that his production studio, Troublemaker Studios, will bring the winning design to life for the film. You can see the video below for further details.


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